Other sources and deposition machines

Plasma machines and heating systems

CREAMET® machines can also be equipped with plasma sources and heating systems.

They can be used for high-vacuum annealing of quartz, semiconductor wafers, metals and other surfaces, as well as for plasma pre-treatment / surface etching of a wide variety of materials. Various HF or microwave sources are used as a plasma source.


UHV deposition machines

A high-performance vacuum is required for deposition of high-purity layers. Our CREAMET® UHV deposition machines are equipped with UHV pumps. Thanks to metal seals, a heated chamber and a strict selection of materials used, our deposition machines and measuring devices allow us to create a base pressure of at least 10-10 mbar.


Cluster systems

Not every deposition process can be implemented in a single vacuum chamber. In order to implement complex tasks of coating deposition using PVD and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) methods, we have developed a multi-chamber system. A number of deposition processes, e.g. sputtering, electron beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, plasma-enhanced CVD, can be implemented in separate vacuum chambers. Special chamber design with X-ray protection also allows you to use evaporators with high accelerating voltage.

Equipment for coating 3-D prototypes

We have developed an machine with special design for deposition application on 3-D prototypes and samples. Deposition application onto a surface up to 2000 mm in length and up to 1000 mm in diameter is available thanks to the modern high vacuum pump and thermal evaporators. In addition, a complementary protective HMDS coating may be included in the deposition process. Plant size can be selected depending on the maximum size of a substrate.


Machines for vacuum deposition onto webs

For coating of flexible materials, such as film, fabric or thin glass with a substrate thickness of up to 300 mm, our plant for vacuum deposition onto webs can be used. Along with various systems of coating application (multi-layer), a two-sided application is also available.

This demonstration machine is designed for coating samples and small batch products.