EMC (screening)

Electric and electronic equipment can be a source and a receiver of electric and electro-magnetic fields and electro-magnetic waves. Therefore, uncoated plastic cases are subject to disturbances or are cannot guarantee undisturbed functioning of electronic equipment within its proximity. By the use of our PVD method (Physical Vapor Deposition) we apply coatings which serve these both tasks. With a layer thickness under 10 µm, the PVD process offers an environmental friendly alternative to electro plating and conductible coating.

With our own CREASHIELD® coating technology we achieve:

  • Excellent shielding effect
  • Flexibility in coating positioning
  • Less thermal effect on the plastic, metal or glass case

Scope of application may include, for instance:

  • Cu-Ni/Cr coating for shielding as a diffusion barrier for high-class application in automobile- and aviation industry (claims of high climate resistance)
  • Cu-Sn coating for shielding and solderability
  • Al coating for screening electric propulsion systems or medical devices
  • Au coating for medicinal protective use (for instance, hearing aid)