Vacuum Plant Engineering & Construction

We offer customized turn-key solutions in vacuum deposition coating as well as the relevant system components. Our vacuum coaters can be used for both batch production and in research. Additionally, the following are used as possible deposition sources:

  • Thermal evaporators
  • Magnetron sputtering systems
  • Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) systems
  • Electron beam evaporators
  • Arc evaporators
  • Plasma systems

Production of our processing vacuum equipment with its complex tasks is based upon years of experience of our developers, engineers, designers and technologists, as well as close cooperation with our own department of job coating.


Our research and development center has a variety of equipment for the development of technology, including a web coating vacuum system with a coating width upto 300 mm. Thanks to cooperation with universities, research institutions and professional associations, we are able to meet the biggest challenges.

In order to meet personalized customer preferences, our designers and engineers use modern computer technology and compatible software. For new designs, as well as for upgrading of vacuum equipment, we use the most advanced 3D-CAD systems (computer aided design), by means of which we, for instance, create design plans, models of machines, layouts, drawings of individual units and production drawings.