Vacuum units

Within the comprehensive services provided by us, you can order any vacuum units for all CREAVAC machines, vacuum units for plants of other manufacturers, as well as a wide range of consumables in CREAVAC quality.


CREAVAC offers standard consumables for your high vacuum equipment:


  • materials for evaporators (including those ready for use) such as Al, Cu, Sn and NiCr
  • helical coils for evaporators of various shapes according to the customer‘s requirements
  • targets for sputtering
  • abrasion parts and materials for all CREAMET machines

The above consumables can be used on your CREAVAC machines, as well as on high vacuum machines of other manufacturers.



Angle valves

Our CREAVALVE CVV 400-1000 stainless steel angle valves have a membrane seal and are equipped with an electro pneumatic drive. Nominal range sizes from DN 400 ISO-K to DN 1000 ISO-F.

Upon your request, we will gladly send you other parameters and specifications.

Stroboscopic viewport

The CREA-LOOK viewport is a rotating viewport of a DN 100 diameter with a stroboscopic effect. It provides a perfect overview of all vacuum processes, which must be visually monitored and verified. When using the CREA-LOOK viewport, avoid any deposition on the glass during the processing. The CREA-LOOK viewport has the following specifications:

  • cost-effective through the use of a simple and functional reliable design and an engine with a central gear for a rotating disk
  • easy to use due to the rapid change of the strobe and safety glass
  • thanks to the flat design, it provides a great overview of the chamber
  • simple electrical connection (24 V DC), optional mains adapter
  • gentle and safe for the engine by the means of switching a button with an adjustable short-time mode